Friday, May 01, 2020

Poetry, Music, Interviews

This post gathers together links to poems recently published (where they are available online), interviews, readings, and The Fetch song-cycle, my collaboration with the composer and pianist Eric McElroy:

The Fetch: Five Poems - a song-cycle for piano and voice, composed by Eric McElroy, performed by Eric McElroy (piano) and April Fredrick (soprano) - recording released free online 23 April 2020

The Hudson Review (Spring 2020) - four poems from my forthcoming collection, Maskwork (Nine Arches Press, 2020): 'Doe', 'A Poppet', 'Two Lost Things', Consistori del Gai Saber'

The Lyrical Aye (28.04.20) - a poem from my forthcoming collection, Maskwork (Nine Arches Press, 2020): 'Apple Tree'

Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal (Issue 3, March 2020)a poem from my forthcoming collection, Maskwork (Nine Arches Press, 2020): 'Lord of Misrule'

'In Liquid Silhouette: An Interview with Gregory Leadbetter', by Medha Singh, Berfrois (07.02.20)

Write Brummie, featuring specially commissioned verse by Gregory Leadbetter - BBC Radio 4, first broadcast 21 November 2019

Alys Fowler meets Gregory Leadbetter - One to One, BBC Radio 4, first broadcast 12 November 2019

An Interview with Gregory Leadbetter, by Sophie Jones, Artful Scribe (10.12.18)

Life of Breath podcast of 'To Breathe Ourselves into Some Other Lungs' event, Breathe Oxford, 18 July 2017 (recording 19:58 duration, available to stream or download)

Ledbury Poetry Salon - Gregory Leadbetter in conversation with Chloe Garner, Hellens Manor, Much Marcle, 16 May 2017 (recording 1:01:29 duration, available to stream or download)


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