Friday, September 19, 2014

Appearing at the Birmingham Literature Festival...

It's nearly October - which means that the excellent Birmingham Literature Festival is nearly with us (2-11 October 2014).

As ever, there are many mouthwatering events to attend, as you'll see from a glance through the programme - but I feel it's only right that I should draw your attention to two events with which I'm personally involved...

The first is Voices in Fiction, 7.30-8.45pm on Friday 3 October, where I have the pleasure of chairing a discussion with four fine writers: Kerry Hudson, Sathnam Sanghera, Lottie Moggach and Nikesh Shukla, each of whom will be reading from and speaking about their latest novels - and the art of fiction today.

The second is Soap City, 6-7pm on Friday 10 October, where this time I'll be joining a panel, chaired by the wonderful Helen Cross - also a Fellow of the Institute of Creative and Critical Writing at Birmingham City University - to discuss just what it is that has made Birmingham and the Midlands home to such a striking tradition of soap opera. We'll also be talking about what it's like to work on continuing series in television and radio. Mary Cutler will be representing The Archers and Crossroads; Tim Stimpson The Archers and Ambridge Extra; Claire Bennett Doctors - and I'll be recalling my time on Silver Street.

Just follow the links to book.

I hope to see you there...

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Unknown said...

Dear Professor Leadbetter,

I was hoping you might give me some advice. I have written a suggested conclusion's to Coleridge's 'Kubla Khan' and 'Dark Ladie' to which the following has been said/written:

"...such poetic fruit" - HRH Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales

"That was brilliant Russell, absolutely brilliant."
- The Right Honourable the Lord William Coleridge

The show at St Mary's Church looks spectacular. Your commitment to the work of Coleridge is admirable .........your performances would be a valuable resource to literature students."
- Sheena Bucktowonsing, Writers' Centre, Soho Theatre, London.

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With best regards,